To have an event appear on the Events Calendar, it must be Registered and approved. Events can be registered on the calendar as soon as competition dates are decided to show up as "Proposed" on the calendar without requiring entry forms or online entries to be set up.


All accredited events show up on our Events Calendar where all members are able to browse for events. There simply is no better way to have your event in front of every tournament bowler in the federation. The calendar is also published as a feed to our partner federations so your events can automatically appear on their calendars if appropriate.

Rules and Governance

Having your event on TenpinResults means your bowlers know that your event conforms to the normal rules of play for Tenpin Bowling. This gives you the benefit of "consumer confidence" and "brand recognition" - your potential bowlers will simply know it's an event they can participate in!

Tools to Succeed

Customers expect so much these days, and in the case of bowlers or their supporters that means your event must be able to churn out standings regularly. Using our specialty software you are able to not only print standings in-center as required but you are able to publish at a moments notice directly onto a live mobile-friendly website - no technical skills required.

Support you hope to never need

As an approved event you will also have access to staff and volunteers to assist in things like format development, dispute resolution, or procedural issues with conducting your event (please note the level of this support varies by federation and event type)
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