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Simpler Tenpin

Simpler Tenpin is a suite of software products designed to conduct a variety of Tenpin Bowling events in much the same way that Microsoft Office is made up of Word, Excel, Outlook etc. The flagship of the suite is Simpler Championships, designed to run a carnival of graded entries in Singles, Doubles, Teams, and All Events. Over the course of 2014 and 2015, a number of other formats are coming online including "Sprint" events and "Teams Challenge" events.

Simpler Championships

As mentioned above, the flagship product in the Simpler Tenpin suite is our championships software. Designed entirely from the ground up and using modern technologies for both the interface and database, Simpler Championships offers a friendly, efficient and easy way to conduct a carnival. For the more experienced tournament secretary, advanced options give an amazing level of flexibility and customizability.

Key features:

Behind all of the tools in this suite is one comprehensive database and a website. We are working to harmonise all of the products in the Simpler Bowling suite so that they can share a common online results and statistics site - and that is TenpinResults. As new products become available, new sections of the site will open up to present those results in the same friendly, easy to read, and simple manner. Over time you'll even get to see a bowlers history across events, so career summaries and an online 'bowler resume' will all come together automatically.

Teams Challenge

Delivering unprecedented flexibility and power, the Teams Challenge software is designed to conduct teams events such as the Walter Rachuig Trophy, or handicapped teams events such as the Holt Restricted Challenge. With frame-by-frame scores and round-by-round analysis all you need to do is tell it to publish to the web automatically for those spectators at home to keep up.

Sprint, running ranked events in 2015

Simpler Bowling: Sprint is the completely configurable and automated sprint management tool. A 'Sprint' event is one where bowlers keep bowling and it's all about pinfall. Supporting multiple rounds (eg multiple qualifying squads followed by a finals) and a combination of scoring rules (matchplay finals, for instance), this software should handle the vast majority of the Ranked Events currently run in Australia. With a quick and easy web publishing mechanism your event can have live game scores online within seconds of typing them in.

League Information

Leage data extraction will hopefully be available for all of 2015 at participating centers, giving you frame by frame analysis of your competitive bowling across leagues and over time. Track your improvement, your sparing rate, or just your attendance.

Want to help out?

If you have experience working in WPF with C# and would like to contribute to parts of the project, please send an email to

Don't have the coding skills? There's going to be a huge backlog of old events that we'll be putting into this system. Ideally we'll go back and get every event we can find that fits, for as far back as we can find. Unfortunately there's never been a good database of these until now, which means lots of manually typing scores in. Seriously, volunteers gratefully accepted.