The below will outline the rules and process by which all eLeagues are run. Any occurence not covered in the below will be at the absolute discretion of TenpinResults LLC via its appointed representative.



  1. All seasons commencing in 2021 are open to all bowlers registered within the TenpinResults system that participate in an approved LDI-enabled league
  2. Seasons commencing on or after 1 January 2022 require participants to be a financial member
  3. While there will always be at least one unrestricted season running, additional seasons may be configured for special eligibility such as running a "Juniors Season" where the age is limited to 18 years. Such seasons will clearly identify additional criteria and bowler registrations will only be accepted where the bowler can be confirmed to meet the criteria


  1. A bowler wishing to participate in any eLeague season must register for each season prior to the advertised cut off date for the season
  2. A registration is not complete until payment has been submitted successfully. Bowlers not paid prior to the closing date of the season will be removed and receive no scores
  3. From the start date of the season, automated processes will read league scores as they are uploaded to the system for registered bowlers and enter the necessary scores automatically
  4. For each week of the season, the single best game score for the bowler will be applied towards the season
  5. On the next day after the end date of the season, the standings will be considered provisional and provisional payouts will be calculated
  6. Additional league scores for the competition period will be accepted via the automated processes up to three days after the end date of the season
  7. On the fourth day after the end date of the season, the standings are finalised and payouts will be automatically processed. In the case of cash prizes, a store credit amount equivalent to the prize will be credited immediately and available for withdrawal to a nominated bank account or re-use on any future cart in the system
  8. Any disputes received after the three day window will not affect the outcome of the season


  1. All seasons are advertised to run for a set number of weeks (from start date to end date)
  2. Each week, all of a bowlers eligible league scores are processed and the best single game is used as the score for that week of the season
  3. Most seasons advertise a set number of games which is less than the number of weeks, for example a four week season may require three games. This allows for bowlers to have a week off, or a rotation schedule, or otherwise miss a week without being penalised
  4. All seasons where the number of games is less than the number of weeks (allowing for absences or rotation as noted above) will clearly note if games are "best of", or "in order"
    • "Best of" means the best scores available are used. For a bowler who completes four weeks for three games, the fourth week may be better than an earlier week and will be counted
    • Scores in order mean that once the bowler has registered the number of games required, no further scores will affect their total
  5. Where a season includes a handicap setting, the handicap is calculated based on the bowlers average in that league at the start of that night, as calculated by TenpinResults. Due to variations in league conditions, a bowlers "best" game for the week may not be their highest scratch game, but will be their best game with handicap

Averages for eligibility and handicapping purposes

  1. For every week a bowler competes in league that is uploaded to TenpinResults, the system calculates the bowlers average before the night starts and after the nights end which will be the sole source of truth for averages
  2. The method a league may employ, such as rolling averages or weighted averages, is irrelevant to the math used by the system to calculate averages
  3. The formula to calculate an average is: (sum total of all scratch scores) / (count of games)
  4. Where a bowler enters a season that has a limit on the average, only league nights where the average at the start of the night is under the limit will be considered. For example a bowler could average 210 in one league and 170 in another league, and only the scores from the 170 average league would count in a season
    • In the event a bowler has improved their average and has no remaining league scores eligible for the week, a grace of two pins will be permitted in average. For example if a season is capped at 200 the bowler may still have scores count in a league where their average has reached up to 202 if no other scores are available for the week

Prizes, Sponsorship, and Money Matters

  1. All registration fees are due and payable at registration. Payment must be made via the normal TenpinResults cart system which accepts credit cards, debit cards, and store credit
  2. When paying by store credit, payment must still be completed via the cart. Failure to complete the cart will result in being considered unpaid
  3. Physical prizes such as medallions, plaques, or other physical items will be shipped to the bowlers home center with adequate instruction inside for the center to identify the bowler. TenpinResults take no responsibility for loss incurred in transit
  4. Physical prizes will be dispatched from Canberra within one week of the season end date, except for the October 2021 season which may be delayed a short time by the initial delivery of medallions from the supplier
  5. Digital prizes such as vouchers or certificates will be issued within one week of the season end date
  6. Where an external party has sponsored a specific non-cash or goods prize, such as a pro-shop voucher or entry to an in-house event, delivery of that prize is the responsibility of the sponsor
  7. Where a payout is advertised it is guaranteed (based on the number of entries stated). TenpinResults reserves the right at its absolute discretion to increase the prize fund based on entries received, in both the size of prizes and number of places paid
  8. Sponsors are encouraged to bring their ideas to a season, ranging from simply bumping up the prize fund to offering specific prizes for certain criteria
  9. TenpinResults LLC reserve the right to decline any offer of sponsorship if the sponsor, prize, or any other factor may be considered offensive, rude, or otherwise inappropriate