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The TenpinResults platform has been developed over many years, originally designed as a way of getting results online in a way that was simple for event promoters while linking a bowlers "career" together.

Today the platform handles those simple results and incorporates league data, an awards module, merchandising, a huge variety of event formats, coaching, rankings programs, and a slew of other features built on top of a membership database which is operated by the accredited National Sporting Organisation.

TenpinResults and Tenpin Bowling Australia

The National Sporting Organisation (Tenpin Bowling Australia) licenses the use of the membership database on this platform and generally speaking owns that data. Contact them directly for questions about your membership benefits or errors/issues with your personal data on the details below.

TenpinResults and Event Promoters

TenpinResults provides a platform for event promoters where they are able to register an event, design its format, accept entries online, run the event and ultimately post results. In general we provide some degree of support to these promoters from our experience in the industry however we do not control dates, formats, or rules - promoters are required to undertake the appropriate accreditation with the National Sporting Organisation.

This system is not free, however we believe we offer excellent value to event promoters in most scenarios.

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