About TenpinResults.com.au

TenpinResults.com.au is the web-based reporting and results system supporting Simpler Technology's range of bowling management software.

In the early 2000's, a professional software developer and avid bowler became involved in the conduct of championship style events using a piece of software that was already quite old. This very quickly lead to a completely redesigned system using a modern interface and high performance database, complete with its own results website. In those days the software was called tbcTournamentManager and the website was globaltenpin.com, but those days are gone.

Late in 2012 and under pressure to make tbcTournamentManager available to a wider audience, we discovered that the professional-grade database system that it used was simply too hard to install and required a better computer than most of the target market actually had. By the following March, a prototype software based on tbcTournamentManager was being tested with its limited functionality. The decision was made that it would be user-friendly and ready for the real work by August, and so the Holt Challenge committee agreed to adopt it for the 2013 Carnival held at AMF Rooty Hill.

Much of the core functionality was carried over from tbcTournamentManager and successfully used for the Holt carnival, however as each day passed we identified vast lists of features from things that would be handy through to things that were outright essential. During the two weeks of the carnival the software evolved many times to meet the needs and wants of the event. At the conclusion of the carnival, the software was examined and tested for suitability running the Australian Adult Championship later that year. Tenpin Bowling Australia quickly decided to make the switch to the new software which was dubbed Simpler Championships.

Thanks to TBA's decision to trial the software, a number of new features and requirements were discovered that now give Simpler Championships the level of flexibility required to service almost every carnival setup currently conducted in Australia. With all of those tweaks and upgrades made during the National Championships, Tenpin Bowling Australia decided to formally adopt the software for use in 2014 and the process to get the member organisations and branches on board began.

By April of 2014, Tenpin Bowling Australia was conducting the Australian Junior Championship in Tenpin City, Lidcombe. It was now that TenpinResults itself was fully implemented, with one click publishing of scores and trophy event qualifying directly from the tournament secretary as often as necessary. During the two weeks of Junior Nationals there were just over 2,000 visitors to the site connecting just over 8,000 times and looking at over 26,000 pages (page count does NOT count clicking on the different division results as different pages).

Behind the scenes

That professional developer went on to found Simpler Technology Pty Ltd in 2010, and through the years developed a strong partnership with the industry and in particular with Tenpin Bowling Australia. Regularly putting forward innovative ideas and solutions to problems, we have consistently worked to deliver good value to the sport. These systems have been built from the ground up especially for Tenpin Bowling, and with your feedback will hopefully achieve an unprecedented level of interaction and statistics for this wonderful sport.

Web hosting and your privacy

All data you supply to TenpinResults.com.au through any means, either directly or through an industry partner such as Tenpin Bowling Australia, is handled in the strictest confidence. We here at Simpler Technology understand that your details are private and confidential, and we are proud to say we've thought of these issues. If you've heard of the 'Patriot Act', you probably know that any of your data being stored on American soil can be simply taken by their Government - the good news is that this doesn't apply to TenpinResults.com.au. We invested a little extra time and effort into researching the absolute best way of delivering the performance and security we can, and are proudly operating wholly within Australia. If you'd like to know more about the servers powering this website, please check out VPSBlocks Pty Ltd.